Just wanted to give you an update – I am the one who lost her hearing a year ago. I just finished my mercury removal in my mouth. I still have not regained all my hearing, but hope now I can recover without my mercury.

I won’t be able to attend the open house, but feel free to talk about my story – I do feel that without thermography, I may have been in a totally different avenue of my life! A worse one that is. Thanks for everything. Because of the help I received with thermography I have my sight back and much of my hearing!
Sherrie K.

My name is Arlene. I decided to have a thermography instead of a mammogram and the report indicated that one of my breasts had activity outside of normal limits and I should follow-up with my primary care physician. I was diagnosed with invasive lobular carcinoma and my doctor said it was in its early stages but in his opinion, a mammogram would not have found this until it was Stage 3 or 4. It is a very aggressive cancer. I believe I owe my life to this early detection procedure. Thank you Picture My Health for what you do.

On a Friday in August, 2010, I injured my knee. Because I was unable to straighten out my leg and put weight on it, I decided I had better go to my physician and have him look at it. He determined it was probably a torn meniscus but he said he would have to take an X-ray of it and that he would probably schedule a MRI scan of it and have me schedule an appointment with an Orthopedic surgeon to take a look at it. After the X-rays were taken, he went to his office to look at them. There was a ‘spot’ on the back of my tibia that looked ‘suspicious”. He came back to the examination room and told me he thought that he suspected bone cancer and from his experience, by the time the bone cancer shows up, most women already have breast cancer. He scheduled me for a full body scan on Friday that next week plus an MRI to validate his suspicions. I asked him what that entailed and he explained they would inject a radio active dye into my veins so the ‘cancer’ cells would show up and then they would take multiple X-ray pictures of my entire body. That sounded like a lot of radiation for my body and I did not want to subject myself to needless radiation just on a ‘suspicion’.

My lifestyle is very healthy: I exercise, eat raw fruits and vegetables, eat very little meat, keep my weight in the normal range, do meditation and yoga and am a Biofeedback Specialist. I do not do antibiotics or put any drugs into my body. I am 63 years old and have never been on any drugs of any kind. I told the Doctor that did not believe that I had cancer–I had no symptoms, I do breast self-examinations and there were no lumps or cysts that I could feel. He insisted that I go for the Full Body Scan and the MRI.

In the Biofeedback world, we are always conscious of ‘alternative’ methods and Thermography was the first one that came to my mind. I researched it online and knew that is what I wanted to do. The following Monday I called Valerie at Picture My Health and told her my situation. She was very receptive to helping me and worked me into her schedule that next day. We drove for 4 hours to get to the appointment….I was in a very uncomfortable leg brace for the trip. Valerie welcomed me, asked me questions and listened to my story. The scan took only about 40 minutes to do. For a $25 extra fee I could get the results read in 24 hours so I elected to do that. She showed me the scan and did an excellent job of explaining about the different colors she was seeing. She put my mind at ease when she said that she did not see any white hot spots but encouraged me to read their Doctors’ summary before I completely dismissed the thought of cancer.

The next day I got the email from the Doctors that read the Thermography scan. They confirmed that there were no ‘hot spots’ around the spot on my leg bone or in my breasts. No white areas of any kind in my body! That was enough evidence for me to cancel my Full Body Scan so on Wednesday morning I called the hospital and cancelled it. I did keep the appointment for the MRI on my knee to determine what injury I did have to my knee. That afternoon I got a call from my Physician. He was wondering why I cancelled the Full Body Scan! I explained to him that I had gone to Minneapolis for the Thermography Scan and had gotten the results back and that there was no sign of hot spots where cancer would have shown up. He was extremely upset, told me not to put my head in the sand, said he did not know what a Thermography Scan was, warned me about all of the ‘snake oil’ methods out there and that he was upset with me and that he wanted to see the results of my Thermography scan right after my appointment with the surgeon on Friday.

I had the MRI early Friday morning with no nuclear injections. The nurse said that the doctor had ordered the injections and I said that I was not going to subject my body to that. Her response was that he could make me take the MRI all over again with the injection and I said I would take my chances. After the MRI, the results were sent directly to the surgeon and I met with him that afternoon. The first thing he said was that the spot on my bone was an old injury, not cancer and the second thing was that the injury was a torn meniscus.. I was relieved about that news and was very happy that I did not have the Full Body Scan! I saved my body from tons of radiation and nuclear injections! Afterwards I did visit my Physician about the Thermography results to educate him about this excellent early detection method but he was still skeptical about that process.

I think everyone needs to seek alternative methods before subjecting their bodies to Western medicine and all of the tests and drugs they want us to take. There are so many great alternatives that get right down to the source of the problem and take care of the source rather than putting a band-aid on the problem and just treating the symptoms. We all need to educate ourselves and be proactive about our health. I intend to keep getting Thermography scans from Valerie and her associates every year to keep tabs on the changes in my body. Thank you Valerie for confirming what I knew in my heart was true. Keep up the great work! You are the best!
Diane F.

The Thermography results came in handy for mom and me when we went to see Sonya in Ely. She detected a bacterial infection in mom’s sinuses and an underactive Thymus just like the Thermography showed. She found a stomach virus in me and that is why the Thermography showed inflammation in my small and large intestine!!

Take care,
Debbie H

Dear Valerie, Thank you so much for providing the wonderful service of thermography! You are a true educator. I always enjoy your insights and looking at all of your books and posters. I have passed on your cards to friends!

Franey S.

Hi, Valerie! This is Julie. I just wanted to tell you a short story that vindicates thermography in the claims I told my Dentist/Doctors.

In one of my thermos. I saw the red infection indication above the root canal I received about 3-4 years ago. I had felt myself that it was bad and thermo agreed with me. Sooooo, move to last week and I have told my dentist previously that there was an infection in that tooth and he found nothing that made him believe me. But, the tooth behind it was not great and so he agreed to pull them both at my insistance. After he got the root canal tooth removed, he said there indeed was an abcess above it! So, thermography and what it shows is vindicated to that provider!

I am just happy to have them both out and am going through an implant process for the removed root canal. And, I will always choose thermography and osteopathy above all else unless further testing is needed.


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