We Are Passionate About Customer Service

When you choose Picture My Health, you’ll have a team of responsive, highly trained and experienced professionals at your service. We understand how important it is for you as women to have the right technology working for you. As a woman business owner I provide a safe and secure environment, helping you take advantage of the latest technologies.

Our Vision: Empowering women to live authentically.

Our Mission: Nurture, Educate and Encourage women to find strength and beauty in all areas of their lives. Appreciating themselves Mentally, Physically and Spiritually.

Points of Culture


I am full of gratitude, appreciating all aspects of my life which include my team, my clients and the many health practitioners I come in contact with.


I speak positively about myself in every aspect so that I am equipped to speak positively about my fellow team member, my clients and Picture My Health. I take responsibility for my every word because I know how powerful the spoken word is.


Respect is the greatest expression of love. I choose to release all judgment and show respect to every person I come in contact with in some small way.


I work with my team and trust them with the duties they have taken on. I am there for them when they need me and value their input. I do whatever it takes to keep our team together and achieve our goals.


The best moments of my life are when I’m being my authentic self. I am expressing, not thinking. I feel great and am having fun and so is everyone around me.


Only the truth can set me free from fear and conflict. I don’t try to read between the lines. I always speak the truth to those around me and trust that others are speaking the truth to me.


My life is full of ubiquitous abundance. I deserve it and so do you.


I am consistent in my words and actions so my clients and teammates can feel comfortable in dealing with me at all times. I am disciplined in my work so my results, growth and success are consistent.


Valerie Zumbusch CNHP. CCT

Founder and President

Valerie Zumbusch is the Founder and President of Picture My Health, LLC and has been working with thermography screening for over 20 years. In 2008, Valerie became a Certified Trainer of thermography through ACCT and trains all her technicians. She has had interest in the natural health field since she was a teenager, discovering a connection between good food and feeling good at about age 16. Valerie continued her education in college studying physical education and later became an exercise health coach with her company “Move to Improve” which she started in her late 20s. Valerie also studied nutrition, Iridology, Herbology, and Healing touch. Having experienced her own health struggles, she feels more comfortable and relatable with her clients. In her free time, Valerie enjoys traveling with her husband Michael and doing backflips off the diving board into the pool with family and friends, and most especially her grandchildren.

Jan Weinhold, CCT

I am a Picture My Health client and was using thermography to monitor my own breast health. After a few years of doing it for myself, I thought I would like to become involved and help to offer it to others too. I love my work and enjoy helping others learn more about their health! I started as an independent contractor working for Picture My Health,LLC , in September 2011. When I am not working, I enjoy reading, sewing, cooking and spending time with friends and family.

Stephanie Paris, CCT

Born and raised in Minnesota, Stephanie Paris has been a certified Thermographer since 2009. Stephanie has always had an interest in health and wellness. She enjoys meeting new people, and hearing what they have to share about their life experiences and their health journey. Stephanie also holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mass Communications. In her free time, Stephanie enjoys drawing, baking, and spending time with her husband and children, especially outdoors in the Fall!

Cassie Krause, CCT

I began my career in healthcare as a CNA in 2001, but my interest in prevention and integrative medicine began when I became a mother. I was always looking for less invasive way to keep my family healthy. My beliefs in wellness have only continued to evolve over the past 15 years. I joined the Picture My Health team while finishing my certificate of Integrative Health & Healing / Health Coach in January 2014. I continue to expand my knowledge in alternative modalities, currently working on my master’s in Chinese Medicine. I am truly blessed to stand beside strong intelligent women & am grateful for the opportunity to serve our clients who have a vested interest in their own health through prevention, wellness, and are striving to create balance in their own lives.

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